R/Scilab (D)COM Server 3.0-1B5


This package contains a DCOM server used to connect a client application (e.g. Microsoft Excel) with R or Scilab.

R/Scilab (D)COM Server provides a COM-Interface to R and Scilab as well as various COM objects and Active X controls for your applications. Additionally, an Add-In for Microsoft Excel is provided to easily use R in Excel and create statistical applications with Excel as the main GUI. The main features of this package are:

  • COM server for local and remote use of R and Scilab
  • transfer of data into/from R, including NA, NaN,...
  • Active X Controls for text and graphics output
  • Installation/Uninstallation
  • Repository for R instances for shared and exclusive access
  • Many Samples
  • Excel Add-In (available for separate download from http://rcom.univie.ac.at/)


  • data-transfer both from R to the client-application and vice versa, currently supporting scalars (booleans, integers, doubles and strings) and arrays of these.
  • data-transfer of arrays of mixed data types (e.g. booleans and strings in a single array)
  • transfer of special values (e.g. NA, NaN) in Excel-style VARIANT-format.
  • transfer of COM objects to R is now possible. Using rcom this allows callbacks from R to any other application
  • "console" device (Active X control) for local/remote R server output.
  • graphics device (Active X control) for local/remote R graphics output
  • multiple local/remote server applications ("R processes") accessible by single client
  • multiple local/remote clients per R server process
  • Add-In for Microsoft Excel to use R as the computational backend (separate download)
  • centralized repository for managing multiple R processes including shared and exclusive access from multiple machines
  • remote access to R possible without any local installation


We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the R COM services:

And of course we would like to thank our users who have contributed many new ideas and have helped in continously improving this project.


The home of the R COM server and clients. You can find latest snapshots and additional documentation there.
CRAN - the major site for R and associated software/documentation.
Scilab Home Page.
WIKI pages dedicated to the R (D)COM Server, RExcel and the package rcom. Please contribute to this site.
The mailing list for all R COM services. Discusses all topics related to the R COM servers and the R COM client package. See this page for information about the list, subscription etc.

See the R FAQ for information about general mailing lists concerning R.

Download site for dbgview.exe.

Contact and Support

For support on installation, operation etc. please direct your questions to the mailing list hosted at http://mailman.csd.univie.ac.at/mailman/listinfo/rcom-l. You can find the archives of the mailing list there, too. The list is members-only, so please subscribe to the list first. Posts by non-members will be rejected automatically.

The mailing list provides archives of all postings. Please browse the archives to find an answer to your questions first!

Directing your questions to the mailing list will reach all members of the list and increases the probability to quickly get the answer you expect.

Please honor the fact that the authors of this software package are doing the work in their spare time. Because of this, time for answering questions is limited. We are doing our best to read all postings at the mailing list and try to help as soon as possible, but we cannot answer private mail sent to us concerning help for the COM server or the Excel-Addin. Please post your questions to the mailing list.

If you have any ideas for enhancement of this software please let us know.

In case you need commercial-type support or training, or if your commercial project requires additional features to be implemented in our software or if you want to distribute R/Scilab (D)COM Server with your software, don't hesitate to contact us under the following address. We will be glad to find a solution for you.

Please send all other requests to the mailing list only.

Please subscribe to the mailing list dedicated to R COM services at http://mailman.csd.univie.ac.at/mailman/listinfo/rcom-l.


This software is distributed under the R/SCILAB (D)COM SERVER PUBLIC LICENSE Version 1.

Parts can be distributed under different licenses. This is noted in the file itself.

The binaries of the COM server and its associated parts are all distributed under the R/SCILAB (D)COM SERVER PUBLIC LICENSE Version 1.

See ../SC_PUBLIC for the full text of the license.


Installation instructions
Documentation and Examples
Documentation on RServerManager
Changes for COM Server and RExcel since first release
Information on using R with LabVIEW


Thomas Baier