R in Microsoft Excel: RExcel

RExcel integrates R seamlessly into Microsoft Excel. RExcel currently supports Microsoft Excel versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

RExcel allows to use R from within Excel in different ways

  • Transferring data between R and Excel interactively from within Excel, using Excel as data editor for data to be analyzed with R
  • Using Excel as container (and simple code editor) for R commands, and running R commands from Excel
  • Running R commands from Excel VBA macros allowing to create Excel based applications and Excel add-ins using R for other users
  • Using R functions in Excel worksheets functions, integrating R functionality into the automatic recalculation engine of Excel

RExcel is used for introductory statistics courses at universities and colleges in many countries (USA, Austria, Germany, Japan, New Zealand ...).
It is also used for custom Excel applications in finance, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical production industry.

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R in Microsoft Word: SWord

SWord integrates R seamlessly into Microsoft Word. SWord currently supports the 32 Bit versions of Microsoft Word versions 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Use R commands in Word fields to embed statistics and figures into your documents. Using SWord is more than just Copy & Paste. You can edit the R code, you can change the data and simply run SWord again to process the document.

SWord preserves the R code used to create the statistics and figures even when non-R-users are modifying the document. You do not have to have R or SWord installed to modify the document.

SWord can be used with 32 Bit R or 64 Bit R. Please place your order appropriately

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R in your own Application: statconnDCOM for 32 Bit and 64 Bit R

statconnDCOM is the middleware component you can use to integrate R into your application on Microsoft Windows.

statconnDCOM provides a DCOM component for R. The out of process (EXE) server has been designed with both performance and stability in mind. Very low latency makes it well suited for integrating R into an interactive application.

Since 1998 statconnDCOM has been adapted to various versions of R and applications written for statconnDCOM years ago still work with current versions of R without the need for modifications.

2012 statconnDCOM for 64 Bit R has been released. This version of statconnDCOM can be used from both 32 Bit and 64 Bit applications. This also gives you the possibility to move your 32 Bit legacy application to 64 Bit R

statconnDCOM is used by both RExcel and SWord as well as by many other applications, e.g. STATISTICA, FlexArray or SAM. In addition to that, statconnDCOM provides services for some R packages, like, e.g., rcom, R2PPT or R2wd.

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R in your own Application: statconn.NET for 32 Bit and 64 Bit R

statconn.NET is the middleware component you can use to integrate R into your .NET based application on Microsoft Windows.

statconn.NET provides a set of .NET components for access to R. The communication link to R works in three different ways:

  1. Native connection: this is the fastest way of connecting to R, but a bad-behaving package may shut down your application unexpectedly. Should be used in a prototyping environment or where speed really matters!
  2. DCOM connection: Use the well-known and proven statconnDCOM for communicating with R. Takes care of the rough edges of DCOM and statconnDCOM for you
  3. WS connection: may connect transparently to a web service (statconnWS) running on the same or another machine

In addition to the well-known basic communication functions already known from statconnDCOM, the .NET components provide a much higher level view on R. This also includes clases for data frames, asynchronous processing and notification, easy access to text and error output and transparent exception handling

statconn.NET is the ideal product for connecting a modern application on Microsoft Windows to R. It is not the successor to statconnDCOM but in reality includes statconnDCOM for optimum performance and stability.

Of course, statconn.NET can connect to 32 Bit or 64 Bit R, completely independent of your application, so even a 32 Bit application may transparently access 64 Bit R...

R as a Web Service: statconnWS

statconnWS is similar to statconnDCOM in that it provides R as a component to 3rd party applications. Instead of using COM/DCOM as the technology for integration, statconnWS provides R as a SOAP/http web service.

SOAP/http web services are a state of the art technology for integrating various components on the same machine or across machine boundaries. Using statconnWS makes using R on a remote machine very easy. Even different operating systems, like Windows for your desktop application and R running on Linux, are as easy as achieved as running everything on the same computer.

statconnWS itself is a lightweight and very efficient implementation of the web service. No .NET, no Java, no special server hardware or software is required to run it. In addition to the standalone server installed with statconnWS, it can be integrated as a module in Microsoft IIS and Apache http Server.

statconnWS is currently in development. Test versions for Windows will be available soon. statconnWS will support Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Integration into Microsoft IIS and Apache http Server is possible


Our products are licensed on a per user/per computer scheme. The following prices are for one computer/one user

Software licenses under the per user/per computer scheme must not be used by server applications (e.g. web servers)

Product Name Software License Annual Updates and Support Total Price e-mail
RExcel for 32 Bit Excel/32 Bit R
(includes statconnDCOM (32 Bit) for use with RExcel)
366EUR 57EUR 423EUR
RExcel for 32 Bit Excel/32 Bit or 64 Bit R
(includes statconnDCOM (32 Bit+64 Bit) for use with RExcel)
will ship by end of Feb 2013
550EUR 85EUR 635EUR
SWord for 32 Bit Word/32 Bit R
(includes statconnDCOM (32 Bit) for use with SWord)
305EUR 49EUR 354EUR
SWord for 32 Bit Word/32 Bit R or 64 Bit R
(includes statconnDCOM (32+64 Bit) for use with SWord)
458EUR 73EUR 531EUR
statconnDCOM 32 Bit (for 32 Bit R) 244EUR 40EUR 284EUR
statconnDCOM 32+64 Bit (for 32 Bit R or 64 Bit R) 366EUR 57EUR 423EUR
statconn.NET, includes statconnDCOM 32+64 Bit (for 32 Bit R or 64 Bit R) 582EUR 90EUR 672EUR
Windows, Linux or MacOS X
- - on request

Prices do not include VAT. VAT has to be charged for

  • orders from Austria and for
  • orders from the European Union if no VAT Id can be provided

Installation support per e-mail (of course including help solving installation problems) is provided with the annual update and support fee. This also includes free updates for the licensed products.

Discounts are available when ordering multiple licenses. Please ask for a quote

Alternative Licensing Options

The pricing information shown above is for single user/single computer licenses. This means that you will need a distinct licenses for every computer (even if used by the same person) and for every user (even if used on the same computers).

We do provide alternative licensing options:

  • floating licenses (concurrent licenses): multiple users may use the same license
  • server application licenses: a server application may use/incorporate the software

Payment Options

Available payment options are

  • Credit card (money transfer fees are added to invoice total) or
  • PayPal (PayPal fees are added to invoice total) or
  • bank transfer (in EUR, all money transfer charges have to be paid by you).

Payment conditions for all products except RExcel

Payment has to be done within 14 days after receipt of the invoice in EUR currency to our bank account in Austria. Any charges caused by the money transfer (also including currency exchange fees) are to be paid by the customer.

Payment within 5 calender days: 3% discount


Please send an e-mail for a quotation. For the e-mail address, see above.


Please send mail to .

Please include the following data in your purchase order:

  • Company or Invididual name
  • Full address
  • Specify the products and number of licenses
  • VAT id if you are residing in the European Union

Please note: a handling fee of 53EUR is charged in addition to the license fees once for every purchase order. The handling fee is independent of the number of licenses ordered.